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Silently record E-Mail, Usernames, Passwords, and Internet Activity - All with one Application.


There's never been a more simple way to monitor employees and family

Introducing FlashCrest iSpy

A completely hidden monitoring solution

Need to keep an eye on a child or loved one?
Want to find out if your spouse is having an online affair?
Need to see what employees are doing during work hours?

Discover what employees are doing when they 'should' be working!

A shocking statistic:

In a recent survey taken by employees of a computer-related business, 98% admitted to surfing the net and watching YouTube for several hours a day. We discovered that 'several hours' were actually about 90% of the 7.5 hour workday!

That means employees were spending only 10% of their time actually working!

Source: "Cyberspace and the Workplace" (


Are you worried about a family member who is spending too much time on the computer?

The Internet can be a fun and educational place for children. But in this age, children are becoming even more tech-savvy than parents. Social networking sites have given children and teenagers the power to share every detail of their personal life with the world (and somehow, us parents are completely unaware of what exactly is being shared.)

If you're an occasional internet user, chances are you've come across Internet slang. These shortcut sentences have become so mainstream that you may even hear some of these words in everyday sentences.

What does iSpy Record?

Captures Usernames and Passwords, Chats, E-Mail from Windows, Facebook, Skype, and more, and stores them in an easy-to-read database.
iSpy takes a picture of what's happening on your screen and saves it for you to see! All images contained detailed tags that tell you exactly when the picture was taken. Playback all recorded screenshots just like watching a movie!
Social Media
Extract information and see what they're saying within Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! Also records any video activity that may have taken place between two parties.
Trace e-mail and find out what's being sent from your computer! Keep a copy of every e-mail sent for your review.

The Most Advanced Monitoring Technology

Backup Ability
Use iSpy as a backup alternative of your own activities, never forget what you were doing! Never worry about losing a saved document or picture; if iSpy is running you can "go back in time" and recover that accidentally deleted image or document.
Stealth Mode
iSpy uses a conditional access system that can only be unlocked by YOU and will not be seen by others. A simple password screen appears after the secret hotkey is pressed.
Intelligent Capturing
Have iSpy record only when there is a user sitting behind the computer; this saves disk space and ensures relevant data collection.
Advanced Reporting
In addition to e-mail reports, iSpy has a built-in dashboard to help you monitor user statistics and PC hardware usage to ensure that you are getting the whole picture.

FlashCrest iSpy will show you exactly what your kids are being exposed to.

Parents trust our software to see what's happening and prevent a possible disaster by taking pictures of the screen at a given time interval. iSpy will also store a report of every keystroke typed from your keyboard.

Download, install and start using iSpy in 2 minutes!


Create Password
Start Recording

With FlashCrest iSpy, you can quickly download and install our application in 2 minutes!

Support is essential with an application like this. Once you download iSpy, FlashCrest software will provide technical support free of charge. Have a question? Just ask us!

Here's how it works:

Once you complete your order you will be able to instantly download FlashCrest iSpy and install it on your computer. The software starts recording in the background immediately and can be opened at any time by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+H hotkey sequence. A discrete password window (with no identification) will appear to ensure that only you have access to the recorded data. Best of all, if you don't have immediate access to the PC, you can set up remote logging to get e-mail data and alerts.

Here's what's included:

Instant Delivery
Instruction Manual
Remote Monitoring
Customer Support
Free Updates For 1 Year

System Requirements

Compatible with these Windows Platforms:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Tablets
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10