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FlashCrest Watcher

A Non-Intrusive Monitoring System

FlashCrest Watcher is a monitoring solution for your PC. It silently records all activities that happen on your screen, programs that were used and websites visited.

  • Captures Screenshots, Programs, Websites
  • View E-Mail, Facebook, and Chatting Activity
  • Alerts when a key word is typed
  • Block access to programs of your choice
  • View every website visited

For business and home use, FlashCrest Watcher is ideal for monitoring employees, your home computer, access centers, children/spouse, and unsupervised workstations.

FlashCrest Watcher was designed as a less intrusive alternative to FlashCrest iSpy. Watcher does not record keystrokes, and therefore overcomes the legal issue in areas where Key Loggers are prohibited. It's a great choice if do not wish to record keystrokes, but still see what's happening on the computer screen.

Watcher Applications

  • Record all activities that take place on the computer screen
  • Block access to programs and web sites
  • Receive alerts via e-mail when a key word is typed
  • View e-mail, Facebook, Live Messenger, Youtube and Twitter activity

Before Installing FlashCrest Watcher

  • Download the installation file
  • Create a password
  • Enter an e-mail address in case you forget your password
  • Press the secret hotkey and view the recorded data!

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1, 10